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Strategic Business Results = Company Assets x Human Performance

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Insight of the Month:

Arriving at JFK, my wife went to the bathroom, and fled in horror. Bus terminals in third-world countries came to mind. We've cut jobs there, but there were unutilized porters standing aimlessly by. At immigration, the line for non-citizens resembled a holding pen in a zoo (in terms of size and compression of space). Only a week before, a distinguished guest of ours, said it had taken him 2.5 hours to make it through a similar line. Progress and decay don't begin with big things, but all kinds of 'small things' start to fray at the edges. Tom Friedman writes of the fact that two escalators at a train stop in Virginia took longer to repair than it took the Chinese to build a whole convention center from scratch in an outlying city. We have to re-engineer our standards, our purposes, our will, our passion for excelling...companies, countries or individuals...there is no other kindling for capability. The deficit is not in what we can do, but what we are committed to doing.

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